After hibernating most of winter, right about now I should be 3 weeks into solid swim-bike-run training in the lead up to my next triathlon ~ Noosa Tri ~ and this upcoming tri season. After a crazy week of phenomenal escapades (or was it a phenomenal week of crazy escapades) at the snow in NZ, I returned home with more souvenirs than I had bargained for: a couple of cracked ribs and a… Read More

Moo Tri, Sunday 13th March 2016 I was woken at midnight to the sound of rain hammering my window. Oh boy, rainy day triathlon on a borrowed bike that I had merely test ridden for 10 minutes. My mind could not switch off. I lay in bed picturing what my race would be like, swimming, cycling and running. The course seems flattish, the ocean was nice and warm and running is running, I’d be… Read More

This past weekend I headed to the Sunshine Coast of hot, humid and sunny Queensland for the Mooloolaba Triathlon Festival or Moo Tri as it is commonly referred to. This exciting event on my triathlon calendar  for 2016 certainly delivered all sorts of “exciting events” beyond my expectations. Friday, departure day, was not so fabulously filled with drama of unexpected proportions.  I spiralled out of control from one conundrum to the next. Borrowing a… Read More

Husky Long Course Triathlon, 2016 On Sunday 21st February, I completed the most difficult and challenging race that I have done to date. Forming a relay team with my good mate Ben Hammond A.k.a “Hammo”  I would tackle the 2km swim, attack the 83km bike and Hammo would finish with the 20km run. After only reaching these individual distances a couple times very recently, this was the first time I would string together a 2km… Read More

2015 was the year of “Discovering that anything is possible” through my #crazy15in2015challenge. This year I’m raising the bar, setting my sights and aiming my goals a little higher while I explore and pursue this wonderful world of triathlon. I have scoured the internet, picked people’s brain’s and have listed all the events that I was interested in for the year. Of course there were way too many I wanted to do and… Read More

So now that 2016 is here, it’s time to wrap up last year’s #Crazy15in2015Challenge and achievements and move wholeheartedly and head first onto all the events and goals I have on the radar for 2016. 2015 was a huge year for me of Discovering that Anything Is Possible. Going in to 2015 I wanted to have a ‘different’ year to all my previous years. A purposeful year, a year with sense and direction. I wanted… Read More

Happy New Year! Today is the start to what will be a spectacular 2016 for all! A fresh page, a clean slate, an exciting opportunity to fill the many days ahead with fun activities (and of course training sessions). The beginning of an epic year which will be full of fun adventures, exciting goals to work towards, great achievements and amazing journeys along the way. 2015 was a huge year for me…. Read More

2015 was the start of something crazy, wonderful and totally amazing. It was the year that out of the blue I set myself a wild challenge to complete 15 fitness challenges, my #Crazy15in2015Challenge. This saw me registering for Noosa Tri (an olympic distance triathlon), after a friend suggested it to me and I said “Yes”, with out ever doing a triathlon before or let alone knowing what a triathlon even consisted of.  Noosa… Read More

Event #19: Western Sydney Half Ironman 70.3 Relay, Sunday 29th November 2015 My last big event for the year. A month after Noosa Tri, all trained up and rearing to go, I was excited about stepping things up a slight notch and facing the next stage of my Ninjathlete career. With my traithlon partner in crime Stephen, as team MOMOSTEVO we were tackling our first ever half ironman event. Neither of us are ready to complete… Read More

A year ago, the only activity I did was Running. All the fitness events I participated in consisted only of running: Fun-running, Colour-running, Half-marathon-running or running in between obstacles running. Until I got into this triathlon caper, I never would have dreamed about entering a swimming event and today I participated my first swimming-based event and Event No. 18 of my Crazy 15 in 2015 Challenge. Event #18: Bondi Splash & Dash!… Read More